Homelands: A Personal History of Europe

Photo Gallery

This gallery consists mainly of personal photographs illustrating things described in this book. Photos are keyed to page numbers of the English-language hardback edition published in 2023.

xiiia - A few notebooks (see Notebooks video for more...)
xiiib - Caught in the act (Kyiv, July 2023).
xiv - Hotel Timoty, Tiraspol, Transnistria, 2005. The hotel, they told me, was named for TIraspol, MOscow, TYraspol.
xiv - Still there, Lenin? Tiraspol, Transnistria, 2005.
3a - My father, John Garton Ash, in wartime uniform.
3b - Watching cricket in Westen. JGA front right.
3c - Westen. Cricket. German children in background.
3d - June 1945. Westen.
3e - 'Montgomery crossed here'. River Aller at Westen today.
5 - Westen. The cricket pitch today.
6 - Steinsiedlung with US flag. Formerly camp for Nazi forced labourers.
6a - Westen. Jan Osmers and his family windmill.
7 - Bergen-Belsen (disturbing video)
11a - Przysieczyn. The former 'Polenschule' in Osten.
11b - Przysieczyn. Present from a French prisoner-of war
(POW) to a Polish POW in a German POW camp.
12 - A wartime German map.
12 - Osten - on the wartime German map.
12c - Hitler under the floorboards.
12d - Hitler under the floorboards.
18 - Helmut Osmers and his fiancée, 1943 (courtesy of Jan Osmers).
22a - August 1980. Lenin Shipyard. Gdańsk.
22b - TGA with Bronisław Geremek, Warsaw, 1990s?
22c - At the same dinner - Geremek in conversation with Jerzy Turowicz.
22d - 'A Czech vodka called Stalin's Tears...'
27 - SS Nevasa.
29 - Franco, 20 November 1973 (ABC).
32 - Salazar's lying in state 1970 (The Paris Match illustration that made such an impression on a 14-year old Barroso).
35 - 'On 6 June 1944 the Allied forces liberate Europe' (Memorial at Courseulles-sur-mer).
61a - Aachen cathedral – A magnificent pair of bronze doors.
61b - Aachen Cathedral –stacked galleries and golden-grounded mosaics.
62 - Aachen Cathedral –the bones of Charlemagne.
64 - The EEC 1972 & the Holy Roman Empire.
75 - A pile of my old dark-blue British passports filled with East German frontier control stamps.
78a - Stasi observation photograph taken from concealed camera, 27 February 1980. Werner Krätschell (l), TGA (m), Joachim Krätschell.
78b - The Stasi observation report including this photo.
78c - Just one Stasi file among many.
80 - Manfred Schütz's poster with the censored black line restored.
82a - Władysław Bartoszewski (r.) in conversation with TGA. Date unknown.
82b - Władysław Bartoszewski - the statue.
88a - A simple wooden cross…
88b - 'For Freedom's Battle…' (the original attachment).
88c - The soaring three-cross monument today (author's photo, 2019).
89 - The logo of Solidarity - painted for the author by the original artist, Jerzy Janiszewki.
93 - 'Without Solidarity, there is neither bread nor freedom' (undergound Solidarność poster, 1983).
95 - Airbrushed out. Pravda, 4 July 1984. (TGA standing at far end of table, with airbrushed Mark Wood to my left).
95b - The view from the other end of the table (Kremlin, 3 July 1984, taken with my Kodak Instamatic).
96 - 96. Moscow, 1984.
97 - 'We will see a nuclear war in this decade' (the last entry in my journal for 1980).
98 - A dead sheep, I presume? Konstantin Chernenko greets Geoffrey Howe in the Kremlin. Lenin looks on. (My very amateur photo, taken with a Kodak Instamatic.)
123a - Střední Evropa map card for 1988.
123b - West Germany is all bathrooms...
124 - 'Up Your Delors'. The notorious Sun front page, 1 November 1988.
129 - 'In solidarity' - Gorbachev's dedication of his memoirs to TGA.
140 - Joachim Krätschell (l) in Berlin with TGA , 10 years after Joachim's 1989 escape from Hungary to Austria.
147 - 'A small, irregular, red spray-painted chunk of the Wall.'
154 - Mrs Thatcher's map of Germany (courtesy of the Churchill Archives Centre, Thatcher papers, THCR 1/10/123m folio 60)
170 - Václav Havel with the author (date unknown).
172a - Havel lessons? TGA lecturing on transitions to democracy, with Aung San Suu Kyi interpreting and commenting, Burma, 2000.
172b - Aung San Suu Kyi speaks, I listen. Burma, headquarters of the NLD, 2000.
172c - A project to support independent and samizdat publishing in central and eastern Europe.
172d - A ringside seat at the Velvet Revolution - Karel von Schwarzenberg, Jáchym Topol, TGA, Václav Havel, Prague, November 1989.
175 - The spirit of Havel lives on. TGA with Commissioner Vera Jourová and VH in the Berlaymont, Brussels headquarters of the European Commission. March 2023.
178a - Bandit Katja and Princess Nadja.
178b - 'This is how our Yugoslavia grows'.
178c - …still with the dirt on its cover.
181a - Kosovo, 1998. Corpses sticking out of body bags.
181a - NATO forces in Kosovo, summer 1999 (seen through the windscreen of my Lada jeep).
181b - Kosovo, 1998. Fresh blood in the snow.
181c - Kosovo, 1998. Prilep. Scene of the ambush.
181d - Kosovo, 1998. Prilep. Mosque destroyed by Serb artillery fire.
182a - Kosovo, 1999. Thanks to 'Tony Bler', 'Klinton', Shirak'. Also 'God Save the Quin'.
203a - The drawer of dead and living currencies.
203b - East German marks.
203c - Russian rubles.
203d - Belarusian rubles.
203e - Yugoslav dinars.
203f - Serbian dinars.
203g - Sadder but wiser Serbian dinars.
203h - Proud Croatian kuna.
203i - Macedonian dinars.
203j - Bosnia-Herzegovinian dinars, with Mostar bridge.
203k - Bosnia-Herzegovinian 'Convertible Mark'.
204a - The mighty Deutschmark.
204b - French Francs.
204c - Gustav Eiffel and his tower.
204d - Greek drachmas with inscrutable Apollo.
204e - Slovenian tolar.
204f - A solitary Slovak crown.
204g - Bouffant-haired Estonian krooni.
204h - The triumphant euro.
204i - 'An identity statement, to be sure'.
214 - Bill Clinton and Strobe Talbott's student lodgings at Oxford - 46 Leckford Rd today.
221a - The desperately rundown Les Bosquets housing estate near Paris.
221b - 'Three eloquent, determined women '– Les Bosquets.
236 - Ralf Dahrendorf and his questions.
237b - Orange Revolution, Kyiv, December 2004.
247 - Scholem Asch to Stefan Zweig, 30 March 1938( SC001, Stefan Zweig Collection, Special Collections and Archives, Daniel A. Reed Library, The State University of New York at Fredonia).
256 - Vladimir Putin in 1994, mentioning Crimea among ‘territories that historically always belonged to Russia’. (Extract from the record of the 101. Bergedorfer Gesprächskreis, St. Petersburg, 1994, courtesy of the Körber Foundation.)
288a - 'Don't blame the Bulgarians…Blame the Etonians'. People's Vote demo.
288b - 'I can get a better deal at Waitrose.' People's Vote demo.
294 - A letter from Viktor Orbán.
308a - New Iron Curtain at Ceuta.
308b - New Iron Curtain at Ceuta.
317 - Europe's moral quandary – the photo taken by Spanish photo-journalist Javier Bauluz and published in La Vanguardia on 2 September 2000.
319a - Ceuta - Hercules conventionally pushing the pillars apart - the first statue by Ginés Serrán-Pagán.
319b - Ceuta - Hercules unconventionally pulling the pillars together – the second statue, at the harbour's mouth, as one sets out to sail back to mainland Europe.
319c - Ceuta - close-up of the second statue, courtesy of serran-paganart.com.
322 - Irpin, 2022. Ukrainian woman murdered by Russian forces. EU flag key fob.
331a - Danuta questioning the Oracle at Delphi.
331b - The claimed base of the Pythia's seat.
343a - Ver-sur-Mer- 'A cloudy sky is flecked by pink touches of dawn'.
343b - 'Lavatory pan house'. Photo from 1944.
344 - Wartime photograph of my father in his Sexton.
346a - Ver-sur-mer. Uncle Robert’s Sexton, which explains the bistrot name ‘Le Sexton Côté Mer’ (the Sexton by the sea).
346b - ‘The English, French and Germans standing side-by-side. Europe.’ My father, 2nd from r, Prof Habeck, 3rd from r, my mother, 4th from r, Robert Kiln, 2nd from l.

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