Homelands: A Personal History of Europe


The paperback edition – updated with a new chapter – is available from March (UK) and May (US).

British edition cover

English edition (UK)

Paperback (7 Mar 2023):
Ebook & Audio:
American edition cover

English edition (US)

Paperback (14 May 2023):
Albanian edition cover

Albanian edition

Vendet e Mia: Një histori personale e Europës, translated by Virgjil Muçi

Catalan edition cover

Catalan edition

Europa: Una història personal, translated by Anna Llisterri

Czech edition cover

Czech edition

Evropa, náš domov: Od vylodění v Normandii po válku na Ukrajině, translated by Veronika Maxová and Jaroslav Veis

Danish edition cover

Danish edition

Europa: En personlig rejse, translated by Uffe Gardel

Dutch edition cover

Dutch edition

"Europa: Een persoonlijke geschiedenis", translated by Inge Pieter

Estonian edition cover

Estonian edition

"Kodumaad: Euroopa ajalugu isiklikust vaatevinklist", translated by Mall Laur

German edition cover

German edition

"Europa: Eine persönliche Geschichte", translated by Andreas Wirthensohn

Greek edition cover

Greek edition


Italian edition cover

Italian edition

"Patrie. Una storia personale dell'Europa", translated by Francesco Zago

Portuguese edition cover

Portuguese edition

"Pátrias: Uma História Pessoal da Europa"

Slovak edition cover

Slovak edition

"Domoviny. Osobné dejiny Európy"

Spanish edition cover

Spanish edition

"Europa - Una historia personal", translated by Antonia Martín Martín

Swedish edition cover

Swedish edition

"Europa: En personlig historia", translated by Hans Dalén

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