What about Canada?

Canada is such an interesting case because it lies in North America but has so many characteristics that we think of as European: committed to the welfare state and social security, pacific, multilateralist, respectful of international law. Could Canada, like Britain, aspire to a bridging role between Europe and the US?  

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Joe Mazzatutti, Italian Citizen in Canada

Canada stayed out of Iraq for the reason that it's diaper is quite dirty and did not choose bedmates judiciously (Remember France and Germany?).
It is my hope that one day Mr. Paul Martin's role in the corrupt food for oil scam sees the light of day.
Canada is the country of the 21st century, prerequisites are that you ARE NOT Canadian and/or are very rich.

Byron Prior, Canada

text: The Supreme Court of Canada is using a Publication Ban to cover-up for Public Officials and Corruption in my court case. My family has been destroyed by Corruption,
we're left without even basic human rights. When the Government & Legal
system are the Organized CRIME in CANADA, they honor CHILD RAPEST.
The Federal Government is allowing the Credability & Reputation of the
Police & The Legal System, to be distroyed to protect ONE Corrupt Lawyer,
Politician, Judge, Child Rapest & now member of THE ORDER OF CANADA .This
man has broken every law he swore to protect. Because this X-Justice
Minister and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, raped and impregnated my
12 year old sister, and covered it up his entire career, no one will help
us. To this day, no lawyer will represent me and the legal system will do
nothing to help. The last lawyer I asked to represent me, told me, if any
lawyer tried to represent you, it would mean the end of their career. Visit
my web site, all the names are their, at http://maxpages.com/sexualabuse ask all your friends to e-mail our Prime Minister, Mr. Paul Martin, and ask him for Justice. pm@pm.gc.ca and our Premier Mr Danny Williams at premier@gov.nl.ca

William Knapp, Canada

Canada is one of the Worlds truly wonderful countries, Its only downside is its proximity to the United States.


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