Free World: The book

UK paperback issue

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A compelling manifesto for the enlargement of freedom and a new era of world politics

Václav Havel



First published in Britain on 1 July 2004 as Free World: why a crisis of the West reveals the opportunity of our time (Penguin)
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The American edition is Free World: America, Europe and the Surprising Future of the West (Random House)
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The German edition is Freie Welt: Europa, Amerika und die Chance der Krise (Hanser)
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The Polish edition is Wolny swiat (Hanser)
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The Spanish edition is Mundo Libre (Tusquets)
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The Italian edition is Free World (Mondadori)
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Other editions in preparation include French (Gallimard), Czech (Paseka), Greek (Polis) and Serbian (B 92). Most are scheduled to appear in 2005. Details will be posted here as they become definite.